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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yep, you read that right - waiting on inspiration. 

I've been circling the blogs, reading some very interesting posts, but still . .

Maybe I'll go read a book.   

What do you do when you don't want to start a project, or write on a WIP?  Or write a post?



Friday, September 23, 2011

Hey, hey; the long awaited What I Did On My Summer (Vacation) blogfest, hosted by the scrumptuous Michael DiGesu (In Time) is finally here. 

Unlike our engergetic host, I did not take a vacation over the summer.  *go ahead and shed a tear or two on my behalf*  But I did get a lot of stuff done.

By June 23rd, my Bug had left to go to his dad's for the summer.   Yipee!  I'd been looking forward to this for months.  It had been a long, long time since I was alone in the house for any length of time.  I kicked the red head out, and the oldest Paul was to be gone by the end of the month.  Well, Paul got a job, so he got a reprieve to stay a while longer.  The first weekend Bug was gone, and Paul had to work, I did . .

Nothing.  Watched what I wanted to on TV, played computer games, blogged.  Blogged a lot.  Caught up with a lot of old friends.  Wow, how blogs change over time.

After my first week of chatterless quiet, I actually got a lot of writing done.  Most was for the Romantic Friday Writers, but there were other blogfests, and two or three book reviews.  Book reviews means I actually sat down and read a book - an activity I miss having the time for.  And I saw a couple excellent movies and went out with my friends.  I know, hard to believe I have some day-life friends, lol.

But I also wrote on some of my own projects - and seriously, that felt good.  Must be why I took such a long, torturous journey through the revision of my short story Scent, which will be published in An Honest Lie Vol 3; Justifiably Hypocrisy in Fall 2011.  You wouldn't believe how long it took for that "light bulb" moment to happen and I finally got it right.

All that round about back story evolved into a novella I may try to pretty up and submit.  Hmm, one more project to collect . .

I enjoyed all the new writings over the summer.  Between weekly postings for RFW, two shiny new ideas, progress on the Cyborg story, and the revision for Scent, I'm excited for October and the month long Rule Of Three event.  It will be good for me to write with a specific purpose again; and on a project I already know has a beginning, middle and end.

Well, that was my summer, and a little beyond.  What did you do with your summer (vacation)?  I'm sure Michael would love for you to sign up on his link and tell all . .



Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'll take you back to yesterday, and my missing WORST MOVIES EVER BLOGFEST post.  I'll be getting around the blogs tomorrow.  So here are a few of my dissappointments, in no real order . .

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (1978):  Please; bouncing red vegies with no arms, legs, or mouth terrorize a town.  Even as a B-movie spoof it sucked the big red one.

IT (1990):  Clows don't scare me - not even in this Stephen King flop.  Just lousy all the way around. What really pissed me off is the book completely scared me.  Really, really.

Ace Ventura; Pet Detective (1994):  Worst movie in the ever to take a first date to.  I can't believe I married the guy; eventually.

Space Balls(1987):  If the video doesn't disgust you my friends, I may never go to the movies with you . .

Eragon (2006):  Not so much that the movie was "bad" but it rushed through the action so fast it forgot there was an actual story plot.  Again, another set of novels I totally loved, and was almost upset to see an end to. I hesitate to show the trailer - it is exciting. But, that's what makes this movie such a dissappointment: see the trailer and you've seen about all that is interesting in the movie. All done.

They Live (1988):   This had a great concept; aliens from outer space are living in disguise among us, putting up signs with subliminal messages all over the world in plain sight, and have taken over our political system.  Really no plot there, lol.  And even for 1988 the graphics could have been better: monsters were depicted by imposing x-ray photos over the character's face; and the subliminal messages were

300 (2007):  An epic movie, full of sexy men in gladiator skirts, waving their swords - and making long ass speeches.  When blood was finally spilled, the  producer felt compelled to show, in slo-mo, each drop as it was spilled, spread, and splattered.  In my book, nothing ruins an excellent blood and gore movie quicker than slow motion.

Not surprising, all the embedding for the battle scenes has been "disabled by request."  You can watch the two minutes I choose to depict my dissappointment here.

I hope everyone enjoyed the blogfest.  If you still want to see more of these disclosures, visit Alex's blog for the link list.

And don't forget Michael DiGesu's (In Time) WHAT I DID . . blogfest this Friday, 9/23.

OH LOOK; South of Charming's author Elliot Grace has finally announced the start of his October blogtour, aptly named A CHARMING ENDEAVOR.  Check it out.

Good night all . .



Monday September 19, 2011

Sorry Alex; I've been working on revisions all this weekend and didn't get a chance to make a post for the WORST MOVIES EVER blogfest.  I'll post mine later this evening and catch up on everyone's posts tomorrow.

Have a good Monday.



Friday, September 16, 2011

This is post #19 of the Romantic Friday Writers challenges.  This week's challenge is Bouquet.  There are  flowers; but who sent the bouquet, who is it for, and what is the occasion?  My excerpt is 399 words.

This is an original writing for RFW, and is open to critique.


Jack pulled a cigarette from the pack in his shirt pocket and lodged it between his lips. It wasn’t his brand but the price was what he thought a pack should cost so it would be his brand until the price changed and something else became his brand.

“You can’t smoke that in here,” the hospice nurse of the day advised.

“My house,” he replied, though he had no intention of lighting the thing indoors.

The nurse gave him a professional scowl, then exchanged the empty IV bag for a full one.

Jack swiveled in the old green recliner/rocker to look out the bedroom window. This nurse had a methodical routine that she refused to change to accommodate Jack’s morning time with his wife. After the IV exchange she would replace the full urine bag with an empty. In 60 years of marriage Jack had never watched his wife’s ablutions, and he refused to witness even the semblance the catheter and sponge bath revealed.

Jack watched a bright orange hummingbird that hovered at the feeder a few feet outside the closed window. He licked the end of the cigarette and switched it to the other side of his mouth, then got up and pushed the sheer lavender panels aside so his wife would have a clear view of the yard. Back when they shared this room, the window was an average size; but since she’d taken ill he’d expanded it to a large picture window.

His reach was shorter than it was even two years ago, and he nearly knocked over the vase of wildflowers when his boney hip nudged the glass topped, round table.

“Those flowers are wilting,” the day nurse said from the end of the hospital bed.

“So,” he gruffed while righting the bouquet.

Purple-blue Beardtongue, pink Checkerbloom and Wood Rose, white Skullcap still sporting its leafy green stems; and a single yellow Buttercup as the center piece to remind her of his timeless love. He’d called her Buttercup before he knew her name, and still thought of her as the most beautiful wall flower at the dance. Why the other sailors at the USO ignored this beautiful bloom he’d never know, and didn’t care, but his dime-a-dance courtship paid off.

“So,” the day nurse stated flatly. “You should pick more.”

Jack plucked the cigarette from his mouth and wondered where his derby and keys were.

Ok, cheating a little: when I saw the topic for this weeks Romantic Friday writers I instantly thought of this old Travis Tritt song.  I have been in love with this old codger for many years, even before the first time I saw the video.  When I dreamed of romance as a young girl, this is what I had in mind, even if I didn't know it . .

Next week's challenge:  Blue Moon



Sunday, September 11, 2011

I did not post on the tragic events of 9/11, but I've seen many worthy posts on the subject pop up in my blog roll today.  I'm looking forward to reading all the posts, and my only excuse at this lack is:
Uhhhhmmm; I'm bizzzy. Really . .

Day job - need I say more?

Lynette Labelle's Hook, Line and Sinker writers class. Began 9/6 and runs thru September. Too much homework Lynette :) But I've learned so much about my own writing style in the first two lessons that I'm completely hooked. Why didn't I expect to have to work at this class? But really; I like the direction Lynette focusses my writing mind.  Unfortunately, I'm so far behind I think I'll have to drop the class, and re-take it another date.

There are still boxes everywhere from the move.  Only been here two weeks, but the house fits us so well I feel like we've always lived here.  We still haven't addressed how we'll use the bonus room, but it is so nice to have it.  Right now it just houses the boxes of books that I've packed around for years.  Hmm, gotta get another bookcase . .

An old crit partner from like, a year ago (he allowed me to send him indepth feedback on three complete re-writes), sent me the 8th revision and asked if I would like to read and comment. Comment, not critique (you'd understand this more if you've ever received a critique from me) and by the end of the first chapter, all I wanted to do was say where I was drawn in and what I liked. Yeah, I'm gonna enjoy this reading. (Shhh; don't tell the author I should be paying him for the priveledge.)

I think I have two more beta reads on the way?  I have reminders saved somewhere in my list of e-mails I have yet to return.  No really, they don't go into spam, I'm just very lousy at responding timely . . .

I finished the requested revisions on my short story Scent, which will be included in Open Heart Publishing's short story anthology An Honest Lie Vol 3, Justifiable Hypocrisy, in Fall 2011 (which is looking like a November release date, but I think the publisher is hoping for sooner).  Following the SrEditor's critiques, a lot of backstory was added and the ending completely re-written, which both clarified the perspective and changed the story just a tad.  Yesterday we (Sr.Ed) talked again about the new direction of the revision, and some re-ordering of the time-lines, and . . Well, you get the picture.  Round two of revisions begin - TODAY.  As soon as I finish this post.

Did you see that awesome event The Insecure Writers Support Group hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh?  Wow, I'm amazed at the awesome posts that I was able to visit.  The blogverse really is a community of support and encouragement.  I haven't been about to visit as many posts as I'd like, but I'm sure I'll be checking out a few more over the next week.  It will come in handy that I was able to add the link to my own post (still patting self on back).  The support group posts the first Wednesday of every month (starting with this month) so if you want to join, sign up on the link (at Alex's or several other blogs) and post your own writing fears, doubts, encouragement, blogger support on October 5.  And if you miss it, no worries, it'll happen again next month.

Speaking of groups, I found another worthy event to join through the month of October. The Rule of Three Blogfest/Challenge; hosted by Damyanti Biswas (Amlokiblogs), Stuart Nager (Tale Spinning and Born Storyteller), Lisa Vooght (Flash Fiction), and JC Martin (Fighter Writer).  Here, watch the video trailer for the event (created by Stuart) and I'm sure you'll be as eager as I am to participate, and then go here to read the indepth details and to sign up.  I look forward to writing with you.

And of course, since I joined late, I have yet to write my 1st Challenge post.  Next week; next week . .

Finally, I have insider info that debut author Elliot Grace is planning a blog tour through the month of October, and he's consented to allow me to host him.  More details on the tour schedule and contest to come.

So you tell me:  what are your plans for the rest of September and through October?  Are you joining National Novel Writer Month (NaNoWriMo) in November?



Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This is the first Wednesday posting for The Insecure Writers Support Group, hosted by Alex J Cavanaugh.

"Purpose: To share and encourage. Writers can express doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Those who have been through the fire can offer assistance and guidance. It’s a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds!"

See the link above for the specific details and to  join the blog hop.
* * *

My joining this group late fits into my own insecurities about "joining" groups in general.  Usually I advertise on my community events area, but I dropped the proverbial ball on this one because I just didn't have the time to check it out.  I try to join the events I link to and this one slipped by me.  Sorry Alex.

But I haven't been blogging much lately, and so I miss deadlines and events.  I've joined several long term social groups over the last two years, and I eventually drop out because I can't consistently post, or write excerpts.  I've missed out on other short term events due to committment phobia.

What if I forget?  What if I can't think of a post?  What if its taken the wrong way?  What if . .

I suppose its a form of procrastination, this fear of letting the group down. I've had a couple bad experiences with groups, both ftf and online, but I've never been a social being.  Something for me to work on, because I enjoy meeting new people, and participating in social and writing events. 

One of the blessings of actually joining groups though, is the support and sense of belonging.  I've noticed this same fear of committment, of letting down the group, that seems so totally unique to myself, has been expressed in other blogs I've followed; and that gives me the courage to stretch myself outside my comfort zone. 

I know I am not alone in my fears.

This is the support I receive from every person who has offered me encouragement in the past when I have posted on the subject, or has posted their own insecurities on their blogs for me to feel conntected to.

You are not alone either.

That is the support and encouragement I offer to those with similar insecurities.
* * *
Thanks for sharing with me today folks.  I'll visit as many posts as I can, but the day job keeps me occupied until after 5p California time, so it may take a couple days.

Ha; pat me on the back! This is the first time I've ever been able to post a linky list I didn't create. I feel so special :)



Saturday, September 3, 2011

While I was offline due to a lack of internet connection, a lot of friends stopped by to offer encouragement, knowing it would be a while for me to respond.  Now that's what I call true blogger friendship.  Thanks everyone.

And who would turn down opportunities to make even more friends and followers.  There are two events (that I know of right now) with just that sentiment in mind.

Karen Jones Gowen (Coming Down The Mountain) is hosting her second annual Labor Day Weekend Bar-b-que, and she is inviting EVERYONE to participate.  No links to sign up on; just stop by her blog; comment on the post by telling a bit about yourself and your blog (don't forget to share what food you brought to the BBQ); and click on at least three new people and comment on/follow their blogs.  If you're not already following Karen G, she'd love make some new friends also.

I make a pretty good potato salad - boiled potato cubes, spiced with miracle whip and celery salt, diced celery and sweet pickles, black olives; and topped with paprika and boiled egg slices - so I'll be bringing that to the party.  See ya there . .

UPDATED:  Speaking of food, I found a post at Anne Gallagher (Piedmont Writer) spreading the word from Pedigree:  Write a Post, Help a Dog.  For every blog that participates and post a link at The Eagle's Ariel Perspective, by midnight EDT on September 3 (that's tonight, sorry).  Here's how you can help:

Simply spread the word about Write a Post, Help a Dog 2011 and once again Pedigree will donate 20 pounds of food for each blogger's post. Here's all you need to include in your post:

  • The Write a Post, Help a Dog program is aimed at raising awareness and food for the more than four million dogs that wind up in shelters and breed rescues each year.
  • For each blog post mentioning the Pedigree Foundation from now until midnight ET on September 3, Pedigree will donate 20 pounds of its new dry Pedigree recipe food for dogs -- its best recipe ever -- to a shelter, because every dog deserves leading nutrition.
  • The Pedigree Foundation -- a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit organization is committed to helping dogs by providing grants to shelters and rescues and encouraging dog adoption. This year the Foundation has already raised more than $376,570 against its goal of $1.5 million to carry out its work to fund grants that not only help shelters operate, but to further shelter innovations. 
Visit The Eagle and/or Anne for more details.
Rachel Harrie (Rach Writes) is also hosting her third Platform Building Campaigne, which began 8/22 and will run thru October 31.  The cut-off to sign up was 8/31; but don't worry if you didn't make the lists as she will host this awesome blogger even again in February thru April.  You can still browse through the lists to make connections with blogger authors who write in your genre(s).  And Rachel's posts during the Campaigne's are informative with shoutouts, events and publishing insights.  Check out Rachel, and the 480 Campaigner's . .

I'm not a Campaigner this time - I participated in the 2nd Crusade - but my good friend Roland Yoemans is, and he has graciously extended his Reviewer Contest to October 1 (Roland's birthday BTW) so his new followers have an opportunity to write a review of any of his published novels to be entered into the contest to win one of three autographed books by Stephen King, Dean Koontz or Laurell K Hamilton.  How cool is that?

Now I'm off to enjoy Karen's BBQ.  But, I've had this song stuck in my head for days, so I'm sharing it with you in hopes I can listen to something else at the party . .

Have a fabulous, fun filled weekend folks :)