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May 1, 2014

THERE'S A HOLE IN THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA . . . has always been one of my favorite childhood songs. I like the rhythm, and the somewhat dark lyrics, and the concept that it is just fun to sing and dance along to. Dare I say that listening to it just makes me happy in a childishly carefree way.

I know, so not me . .

My pick for this week's Battle of the Bands is sort of a family experiment. Participate or not with a kid/young family member. Some of my viewers have no kids, but perhaps have consistent interaction with nieces/nephews/grandkids/school aged children. Of course, I'm always eager to hear about the inner child in any adult; so pick your preference and share your experience in the comments. Personally, I'll be dragging my 9, 6, and 3 year old grandchildren into this debate, and my 15 year old son just to add controversy.

Since this is all about children, and fun, and family, I'm not going into a dissertation of the origins of these dueling bands, or reciting the history of song composition or acquisition. I just want you to watch both videos in their entirety, and perhaps invite a child/children to share in your blogging experience. I'm presenting a simple choice, this style or that.

Barefoot Brooks

Lonzo and Oscar

As you can see, there are two very different styles of presentation for this song. In the voting comments, I'll count 3 points to those who solicited the opinions of children under 12, 2 points for those who consulted with their own inner child, and 1 point for adults who just had fun watching the videos and casting a vote.
Battle of the Bands posts on the first and fifteenth of each month. Far Away Eyes initiated the blogfest, but Stephen McCarthy (Ferret Faced Facist) hosts the linky list of participants. Return here on Wednesday May 7 for voter results and my monthly IWSG post.


Nick Wilford said...

My inner child prefers the first one including the video - not a big fan of the style of the second one, sorry. :) My kids are at school, otherwise I would have asked them!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I vaguely remember that song. Sorry, little to know interaction with small children since then.
However, I would definitely pick the first one. It sounds more like a kids' song. The second one's country twang just hurt my ears...

Stacy McKitrick said...

I have no youngsters around to solicit any votes, but I listened to them. Believe it or not, I've NEVER heard that song before (although the tune does sound familiar). Anyway, I vote for #1, because it just seems more like a kids' song.

DEZMOND said...

Never heard of it before, but the lyrics are fun

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Like Nick, the child in me likes the first version. The second, ah, not so much. :-)

The song does make you smile, doesn't it?

Arlee Bird said...

I no longer have any kids around the house to solicit opinions from, but believe me I used to listen to plenty of children's music. I guess we had the whole Raffi collection and listened to that until I had it all memorized.

This is actually a very tough choice as they are both outstanding to me and each has a lot to offer.

For pure performance and entertainment quality I'd have to go with Lonzo and Oscar. Those guys are very good and that guitar player is a hoot. Love this version.

But I'm going to vote for Barefoot Brooks for overall ongoing listening appeal. This was actually quite good. I liked the singing and the instrumental back up. The ska style was a nice take on the song as well.

This was a very good contest of songs and a very difficult choice to make.

An A to Z Co-Host
Tossing It Out

Robin said...

Well, I am going to push back against the hate for the second one. I like it and I think I would have liked it even more as a kid. They didn't have as many "cartoon" shows when I was a kid. The antics of the people would have entertained me enormously, I think. So, I am voting for the second one.

Pat Hatt said...

First one gets my vote too, much more fun

D.G. Hudson said...

I'll go with the First version, and although my kids are adults now, I've worked with preschool kids, too. Kids just want to be happy when they're singing or funny.

I dislike the 'hillbilly' spoofs like the second one. Do kids find this funny?

CWMartin said...

Pleased ta meetcha! I wish I'd have had Laurie along with me on this one, as she is more versed in this tune than I. However, I know I did something involving Lonzo and Oscar and their parody of I'm Moving On on Time Machine last summer, so I'll go with them. I guess that's a one-pointer, huh?

klahanie said...

Hey Donna,

The first one is a combo of Ska and Reggae music. I like that.

The second version will give me nightmares about that old American show, "Hee Haw!"

I prefer the first one, my good friend.

Gary :)

farawayeyes said...

This is really a fun BATTLE. I and my inner child have hit to go with Barefoit Brooks. Sounds like de Islands to me.

Great job!

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

First of all, I apologize that I failed to link your blog to my 'Battle Of The Bands' page. I honestly didn't expect you to post a 'BOTB', as I mistakenly thought (for whatever reason) that you were a one-timer.

I'm going to correct that oversight immediately. And I'm highly pleased to find you've joined us BOTBers on a permanent basis!

As for my vote, I like the Hillbilly version best, and it's always impressive to me when people can sing super-fast without flubbing the lyrics.

I have the body of a 54 year old, but I have the mind of a boy in the midst of his "Terrible Twos". So I'll let you decide how to calculate the points on my vote.

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'

Donna Hole said...

Thanks everyone :) I'm still tallying votes and visiting around.

Carrie Butler said...

I don't have any kids, but the first one has a catchy beat. I'm sure my niece would love it! (My nephew is too old to admit liking kiddie songs. LOL)

Margo Kelly said...

Yup, first one! :)

Misha Gericke said...

Hahaha I like the Lonzo and Oscar version because it makes me laugh.