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Monday March 12, 2012

First things first; today and tomorrow the first chapter of my women's fiction novel Not Her Mother's Fate is being critiqued over at Unicorn Bell.  Please stop by and offer your own comments.  Thank you.

     Today I have the honor of hosting the incredibly talented, fellow blogger and fantasy author Nancy R Williams. Nancy “lives in Colorado, U.S.A. with her husband. She is delighted to have two three year old grandchildren, cousins. She's a long time member of Rocky Mountain fiction Writers and has been privileged to attend conferences and workshops. Since her formative years, she's been inventing fantastical stories and since she could speel she's been writing them down.”

Welcome Nancy . .

Hi everyone. I want to thank Donna for hosting me today and spotlighting both my books, The Treasures of Carmelidrium and The Magic of Windlier Woods.

My journey as a writer began in my formative years. While I didn't write down stories I had many hunting expeditions in my mother's flower gardens for fairies. At one point when I complained that I couldn't find any of the elusive creatures, my mother told me they slept in the flowers that hadn't opened yet. That year very few of her tulips made it to maturity. I pulled them apart looking for Tinkerbell. So fantasy just came naturally when I developed my first story.

 The Treasures of Carmelidrium, (pronounced, Carmel-lid-drium) came about as a result of a life altering, negative experience. I needed a way to vent. Originally I never intended what I wrote to become a book, but my mother, who is a writer too, encouraged me to transform my scribbling into something more.

With a lot of research, learning the craft of writing, attending conferences and workshops, along with a fabulous critique group, I formed a real story that was worth setting on paper. The transformation from "this happened to me," into a story changed my perception of the real events and allowed me to heal.

Along the way, I found a voice in myself that cannot be silenced. I am a writer, a dreamer, a person who sees beyond the here and now and hopes for something better. This period of my life took nearly 20 years. All the while my heroine Missie, the hero Healden, and the villain Renwyk hung out in my heart, their story growing and changing like the Colorado weather.

Many have asked why I choose a flute as Missie's instrument and ultimate power. Several reasons. When I was in college, I heard a flutist on the lawns of the music building. Her song captured me. When I knew that music would play a critical role in my story I considered many instruments. A violin is too easily broken. The French horn is too bulky. A piano, well that would be hard to travel with. A clarinet just isn't sexy in my opinion. However, a well crafted, steel flute is easy to carry even on horseback.

Did I submit this story to agents and editors? Oh yes, I had many request and many rejections. I couldn't understand it really. I was told how much they loved it yet it wouldn't work for them. I finally decided to self publish since e-publishing has made that easier. Now in retrospect, I realize that I have a YA voice but my characters are in their twenties. YA is developed for pre-teens and teens and the characters are supposed to be the same age. Once I realized this it took the sting of rejection away.

E-publishing has its challenges. My daughter is a wiz at formatting and she helped me with that. I found a blogger who is a remarkable artist and she did my book cover. I hired an editor and I strongly encourage anyone who wants to self publish to do the same. Now that I am published, I am still waiting for the readers to find me. I haven't had great sales even though I have numerous excellent reviews.

 Enter my childrens story, The Magic of Windlier Woods. This story came about as a bedtime ritual with my children when they were young. It grew and changed every night. I never intended it to be anything other than a fun bedtime story. When I realized that Treasures was in limbo because the readers didn't know me, I decided to rework The Magic of Windlier Woods and put it up for free. I hoped that this would translate into sales for Treasures. It didn't.

But something remarkable has happened. Readers wanted more stories about Newert, my character in Windlier Woods. Soon, Newert and the Hump-a-Links will be available. I am waiting for the art work which Michael Di Gesu (In Time) has agreed to do. Like all good childrens books, pictures will be included inside the story. In a few more months another Newert story will be finished titled, Lost in a Closet with T-Rex. Windlier Woods will remain free and the other stories will sell for .99.

- I'm going to interrupt Nancy for a moment here to say how much I enjoyed The Magic of Windlier Woods. It is the story of Newert the erbit's grand aventure to save his world's failing magic. The story left me giggling and smiling throughout the short approximately 20 minute read. Sold as a children's book, it is an entertaining story for readers of all ages who enjoy humor, misadventure, and fantastical creatures. The only thing that would have made this book more intriguing is to add pictures to with the vivid imagery of the world, and especially Newert. Ok, back to Nancy -

I have approximately five books planned for my epic series. I have notes and outlines and chapters written. In October, I developed acute bronchitis from bug spray which got into my lungs. I never knew how dangerous it was. I am only now beginning to recover. My brain has been mush, so my writing has suffered. I am about one fourth finished with the sequel to Treasures titled, The Rise of Lord Sinon. I also plan to write a novella that pre-dates Treasures and involves the Royal family. In addition to this, I have a new series with a phoenix heroine planned. I am looking forward to working with my heroine as she travels our world visiting many historical events. I hope you will all enjoy these stories.

I welcome all of you to visit my blog. You can read excerpts and reviews for Treasures in the pages section at the top. I will also give one commenter an e-copy of The Treasures of Carmelidrium. Thank you again Donna, for hosting me.

My pleasure Nancy. And what sweet treat – a free copy of Treasures. Let me further entice potential readers with my review of Treasures of Carmeliderium:

This was a delightfully romantic adventure. Missie (Michelle Kersten) is instantly likeable as a the story opens in the contemporary world as she is leaving for spring vacation just two months before college graduation. Her adventure starts within a few pages as her Wrangler swerves off the highway during a snowstorm, and lands her in the mystical world of Gil-lael, where everyone believes she is either a descendant of an evil race of blond haired, blue eyed murderous invaders; or the re-incarnated Princess Lysandra, who's music defeated the evil Lord of the symberveen Druas-Bradwr centuries ago.

The question of Lady Michelle's mystical status is explored through a series of action packed kidnappings, assassination attempts, and rescue forrays. The action plot slows down considerably in the middle of the novel to develop the romance between the two main characters Missie and Prince Healden; but the vivid world and it dangers and beauty are a mainstay throughout the story. An emotional roller-coaster of fear, anxiety, heartwrenching obstacles to love and the fulfillment of prophecy, and the angst of sacrifice for love, duty and honor awaits in this fantastic realm.

Fantasy and romance readers alike will enjoy the spirit of adventure, the multiple POV's of the hero, the heroine, and the mysterious villain (identity not revealed until the final chapters), and indulge in courtly intrigue not unlike the Victorian age of British nobility.

You can purchase The Treasures of Carmelidrium at:
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon Germany
Barnes and Nobles

and download The Magic of Windlier Woods at:
Barnes and Nobles

And don't forget to leave your comment to be entered into the drawing for a free e-book copy of Treasures of Carmelidrum. Visit N.R. Williams at her blog for more information about the sequels to both books.

BOOK BLURB FOR TREASURES:  When a hooded man steps in front of her car, Missie is thrust through a portal into a medieval world where she encounters monsters and mythical creatures. Here her flute has magical powers to heal and destroy and to empower, "The Treasures of Carmelidrium." She is romanced by a prince and hunted by the villain. Will she find her way home? Does she want to?

BOOK BLURB FOR WINDLIER:  Newert, an erbit of Windlier Woods, is concerned. The magic of his world is seeping away. He struggles to open a portal to another world, believing that this will restore the magic of Windlier Woods. Assuming the big red truck is magical he returns to his world with the truck and its driver. Thus begins Newert's misadventure. What will happen next?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

It's it amazing that book has taken you in a whole new direction? Sometimes we just can't plan for this stuff!

L.G.Smith said...

Yay, a fellow Colorado writer. And I love that part about the fairies living in unopened flowers. I probably would have torn all the tulip heads apart too. :)

Talli Roland said...

Yay for Nancy! The world she's built sounds amazing. I'm not surprised readers want more.

N. R. Williams said...

Thank you Donna for hosting me and what an amazing review. I haven't smiled so big in a long time.

Hi Alex
Yes, I think our stories are similar to real life in that we never know what will happen from day to day, especially when you have children. LOL

Hi L. G.
Yes, Colorado, home to blue skies and fairies in the mountains.

Hi Tali
So nice to see you.

Thanks you all for leaving your comments. I appreciate it.

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

Great interview Donna. I think it's incredible that all the people you interview you have already read their book. You have an incredible ability to absorb information fast and your reviews are always so informative. i'm definitely going to be checking this book out.

N. R. Williams said...

Hi Michael, it's nice to meet you. I am thrilled that you're interested in my book.

Jamie Gibbs said...

I like that you chose the flute over the other instruments. It definitely works :) shall pop over and check out your works :D

Susan Kane said...

I once told a friend that turning right instead of left could make a world of difference. It was true then, and still stands. I will be looking at my Kindle and finding your book.

N. R. Williams said...

Hi Jamie, thank you for checking out my books.

Nice to meet you Susan. Thank you as well for looking into my stories.

It means the world to me that you both have taken an interest in my writing.

Donna Hole said...

Life is funny that way Alex.

LG; I liked that part to.

Hi Talli :)

Thanks Michael, you're making me blush.

The flute did seem a good choice Jamie.

Wise words Susan.

Nancy, I can't thank you enough for guest posting today and for hanging out. You've been wonderful to work with.


N. R. Williams said...

Thank you so much Donna, again, I am honored.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Donna and Nancy .. interesting how your story developed out - sounds like things are working out - with much luck .. cheers Hilary

Lydia Kang said...

Adventure and romance--what could be better? Thanks N.R. and Donna!

DeniseCovey_L_Aussie said...

Hi Donna. Hi Nancy. This is wonderful my friends. Loved being reminded of your story Nancy. You're also getting a bit of publicity over at RomanticFridayWriters! (Remember to vote girls!)


N. R. Williams said...

Greetings to all. Came by to be sure I had everyone's name for the drawing. Thank you Hilary and Lydia. Hi Denise, that's for the comments.