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Thursday, March 1, 2012

My, my, February seems to have flown by, and now the Ides of March are upon us.  This time last year there were tons of murder/intrigue blogfests, but either I'm not visiting the right blogs, or nobody is that bloodthirsty this year.  Do share your deviousness with me if you know where to find a good blogfest.

And don't forget to post for the Insecure Writers Support Group; the first Wednesday this month falls on the 7th. 

In the meantime, Chris Kelworth has Tagged me in a Q&A meme.  Chris is one of the most intriguing sci-fi authors I've met here in the blogs.  His worlds are unique and interesting, as well developed as his range of characters and their plots.  A Save The Cat enthusiast, he seems to put everything he learns into his writing, and it turns out well.  Be sure to visit Chris and offer him your support.

Onto the questions . .

Who’s the first person outside your family you remember meeting?
   Wow, that's kinda hard for me. When I was a child, I had attention span difficulties, and people and things didn't make an impression on me. They seemed to just always be “there.”  But I do remember sitting on a swing in pre-school and talking to a boy. He could as easily have been an imaginary friend though.

What’s the last book you bought?
   Yay, an easy one. Out of the Great Black Nothing, by Eric Trant. Sadly, it is still in its neat plastic wrapping – but the mailing box has been opened, and it is next on my reading list after the two beta reads. If you count free downloads to my Kindle however, I'm not sure exactly what would be the last, as I tend to impulse “buy” in bulk.

What’s your happiest memory of the past year?
   Oh geeze, do I get to count “getting the call” in late March last year for getting accepted in An Honest Lie Vol 3, and then the actual publication in October? Not to mention being accepted in The Literary Lab's 3rd annual anthology, Variations on a Theme, expected publication date 3/15/12.

Do you like soft drinks?
   Yeah, but only one. I am a Diet Pepsiholic. I'd rather have nothing at all to drink if there is no Diet Pepsi, and don't think I can't tell the difference between diet Coke and Pepsi. Or any other generic diet.

What’s your favorite genre? (to read, watch, or write)
   My first love is fantasy (to read), but the truth is I've always been drawn to thriller/horror. To me, fantasy is rarely done well in movies (although some of the urban fantasy is pretty good lately) and I'm working hard at writing a couple fantasy novels. Very, very hard at it, which leads me to believe its not my writing genre. But I can always read, watch, or write the darker side of any genre – at least in short story form.

If you could go anywhere in the world and do anything for a one-week vacation, what would you pick?
   Really really, I'd sit in my own home, kick everyone out, and probably play card games, put together puzzles, read, watch movies.  I'd crawl into a hole and pull the hole in after me if it were possible. Yeah, I'm hoping I'd get bored real quick; but I gotta try it just to see ;)

What’s the biggest writing (or creative) mistake you ever made?
   Like there's only one or six to pick from? Querying too soon, querying to the wrong agent for the genre, giving unsolicited feedback on an excerpt, signing a contract with a vanity press, forgetting to back up a 60k word project (twice) and losing it all. How about ya'll tell me YOUR writing/creative blunders and I can already respond “done that!”

Have you read the Harry Potter series?
   Yep; and enjoyed every book. (Close your eyes Michael Digesu and skip this part, for your own sanity.) The movies DID NOT truly capture the storyline of the novels, but did manage to mature the characters more effectively, and show the marvels of the world building. And it was the world building that kept me reading the series, not the character Harry.

What magic spell do you wish you could cast?
    I think I'm too practical minded to be able too cast spells. I thought about this question when Elizabeth Mueller's novel Darkspell came out, and still can't answer it.

What gadget do you most wish someone would invent?
    I want a time turner. Or an easy button.  I'd probably settle for a flying car though.

Who is your favorite singer or band?
    Lately? Godsmack. But just turn the radio on to anything with music and it will be my fav of the moment.

So now I need to pass this on to some people. I've searched my followers for some new/new to me bloggers for this Tag, cuz I would really like an easy way to get to know them better.

Chris Parmenter: one of my ftf crit partners and a man of deep thoughts and insights who writes YA/adult fantasy.
Kyra Lennon:  who is hosting the WiP Movie blogfest on 3/9.
Amber: An aspiring Christian author of fantasy.
Crystal Lacata: who's YA paranormal trilogy The Devine has "A bit of suspense, a bit of humor, and a whole lot of love."
Rek: who isn't new to me, I met her during the Rule of Three challenge, but I manage not to know a lot about her except she writes sci-fi/fantasy/romance.
Ellen Brickley: a pink tea drinker who lives in Dublin and is a compulsive list maker.  I don't visit as often as I'd like but I love her eclectic posts.
Amy Lunderman:  a paranormal/thriller/romance writer with two awesome published books.
Clare Dugmore: who I believe thinks every month is NaNoWriMo; seriously she can put out the words.
Hayley Jones: a prose writer of fiction, short stories and screenplays.
Pat Hatt: because I'd just love to see what the cat can do with his little rhyming ass for this Tag.

Now for your questions, should you choose to answer:

Who is your favorite fictional character, and why?
How do you come up with the names for your own characters?
What book would you pass up, even if it was offered for free?
Do you listen to music while you write?  If so, what is on your playlist?
Do you have to make time to write, or have a set schedule; and do you have any writing quirks?
Who is you dream agent/publisher?
Do you prefer printed books or ebooks?
What is the weirdest dare you ever accepted?

I hope ya'll accept this challenge and  have lots of fun with it, but if you prefer to pass, that's alright too :)

Grrrrhhh; blogger has been messing with me all week; and now it posted before the scheduled time.


Kyra Lennon said...

LOL, I loved what you said about Clare when you tagged her - you are so right (and I know this because she is one of my best friends!) :D

If it's okay, I am going to skip this one because I have been tagged so many times before! But thank you for thinking of me - I promise to join in next time! :D

farawayeyes said...

Sorry to say, I sooo love it that blogger is finally spreading the love around. I always thought it was just me.

Fun to 'get to know' you. I like your idea of vacation. I would like to pull the hole in after me for a few weeks. Maybe after the move.

Sarah Pearson said...

I love your answer about the boy in pre-school :-)

And may 2012 have as many happy memories for you as 2011 :-)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Better than not posting at all!
And there is a BIG difference between Coke and Pepsi.

Pat Hatt said...

I do that vacation one all the day, it's called my life..lol....great answers and the cat can rhyme anything never fear.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Donna .. great reading your responses ... and who on earth do I remember from those early days? Anyone's guess!

I'd love to have a week or three - just being here .. reading, writing and sorting - then I'd be a happy bunny and ready for Easter!

Cheers - Hilary

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

Excellent answers to the meme. This thing has taken the blogging universe by storm.

Ciara said...

I'm a Coke 0 kind of gal. I live in Atlanta where Pepsi doesn't exist. :)

Lynda R Young said...

aw, I can relate to many of your mistakes. We all do them. I guess it's part of the learning process hehe. And yes a flying car would be awesome!

DEZMOND said...

Donnzie, there's a huge difference between Pepsi and Coca Cola :) Pepsi has deeper, sweeter and much more refined taste, while Coca Cola is bland and is usually preferred by smokers :) since they have weaker taste buds

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I really need to pick up Eric's book.

I actually like TC better than either Coke or Pepsi. I live about an hour from where Pepsi was born (New Bern, NC) so imagine the looks of horror I get.

DL Hammons said...

Blogger...that meany! Want me to beat him up for you? :)

DeniseCovey_L_Aussie said...

Now I know why you're called 'Hole' lol! Sounds perfect. Home to yourself to do what you like, bliss (for awhile anyhow.)

I enjoyed learning more about your mysterious self Donna. Glad you were tagged.


Donna Hole said...

Totally OK Kyra :)

Faraway: I know, a blogger likes to know they are not paranoid or targeted :)

I've always believed we make our own happiness Sarah. Not to say that "should" doesn't happen :)

You have my absolute agreement Alex.

Pat: yay. I knew the cat was versatile and pragmatic :)

Oh dear, Hilary; I hadn't thought of Easter . .

I know Mike; I had a hard time finding bloggers who hadn't already participated.

Ciara: my brother-in-law is a Coke Zero fan and I don't understand the attraction at all. But, everyone has a favorite :)

Lynda: without a whomping tree or alien asassin to boot :)

Wiser words were never spoken Dezzy.

Well Diane; you just don't seem the "go with the flow" type to me. I'm not surprised. But, should I send you a complimentary can . .

Yes Don; I really would like that :)

Thanks Denise. Your name was also on my list of "tagees", but with your overwhelming schedule I thought you'd freak a little :) Oh but do post a LOT about yourself on your blog, I'm intrigued ya know.


Rek said...

Hi Donna, since I am answering 3 set of tagged Qs, thought I'll add yours too...do check a couple of hours later since my post is in draft/edit stage.
Actually I write poetry and contemporary short stories on a regular basis but the rest of the genres you mentioned do fit in as novel writing experiments over the next two years. :)

Rek said...

Forgot to add, enjoyed your answers.

M.J. Fifield said...

I would seriously love to have either a time turner or an easy button.

Amber said...

Okay...give me a few minutes, I am enjoying an outdoor picnic with the kiddos, then it will be nap time and I will be all over this ;)

I wanted to add, so you can get a sense of how goofy I am, everytime I see your signature at the end of a comment (-dhole) I read it in my head as 'doh' and my head voice says it like Homer Simpson. I probably saw that signature five or so times before I realized it was your name abbreviated. I have to say I was a bit disappointed you weren't actually signing out in Homer fashion. But now I can't get that out of my head, so I still read your signature in Homer voice, "Doh."

Jai Joshi said...

Love the meme answers!

I also think that they could have showcased the Harry Potter world more in the books, if they'd had the luxury of no time constraints. But with the time limits they had I think they did an ok job. The last two films were the best. I was thinking just the other day that it would have been better if they'd made a tv series out of the Harry Potter books because then they really would have been able to be faithful to the details of the world in the books. Like the way HBO have made the Game of Thrones series based on A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin.


Carol Riggs said...

Aha! I get to read about your tag questions now. :) Funny about impulse buying in bulk. Sure, Kindle downloads count as book reads. :)

Your anthology pubs are so exciting, and March 15 is getting closer! Yep, I need a time turner too--so much to do...and being able to apparate would be oh-so-helpful!

Ann Best said...

I like thrillers also, but not so much horror.

Ah, forgetting to back up a manuscript. THAT is a horror story!

Thanks for dropping by my guest post at Denise Covey's and then leaving a comment on my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed the post on self-publishing versus traditional.
Ann Best, Memoir Author of In the Mirror & Imprisoned

Madeleine Maddocks said...

Ah those are new questions to the ones I've seen lately.

Congrats on being tagged. Yes I loved Harry Potter for the same reasons as you.

Donna Hole said...

Thanks for letting me know your genre's Rek; it was a little hard to discover from your site. I love seeing what all bloggers are writing :)

My fondest wish MJ.

Amber; I have a lot of "doh" moments, so it fits me (hehe). Maybe that's why I don't watch the Simpsons, I can relate too much to Homer. There is a boring story behind the signature though :)

Yes Jai, a TV series would have been much better. Why don't producers think as intelligently as we do?

I could actually get to work on time if I could aparate Carol. Maybe.

Hello Ann :) I very much enjoy your posts.

Hi Maddie; hope all is well in your worlds :)


kelworthfiles said...

Hey - sorry, I thought I'd dropped by to thank you for answering my questions. So - much thanks, it was great to hear from you! :)